Saturday, June 14, 2014


Amala was totally standing nude before Vijay.
Vijay was enjoying her frontal nudity - when the door opened and Vijay's mother stepped in.

"Oh Gosh. Your girl friends are totally shameless" mother chided."What will happen if your little sister Meena
sees this big girl nude. Play safe and lock the door"

Amala hid her cunt out of respect for Vijay's mother. "Let the show go on Vijay's mother told and sat by her son "I need to discuss about your studies. But, Vijay, you are studying the nude bodies of your girlfriends"

Saturday, January 19, 2013




Aunt stepped inside the bathroom and there was flushing sound of water. Suddenly there was a shreik of aunt "Ayee...Cockroach" and out ran aunt totally naked.

My sister closed her eyes in awe and creid "Anna..What is this?"
Aunt Samantha quickly hid her cunt and boobs with her hands, but het thunder thighs, deep navel and hips were still visible. The hotel room had a large mirror and it reflected aunt's superb buttocks. I watched with awe the super nude show of my aunt - who was in her late thirties.

Sister opened her eyes, but the rotund buttocks view of the mirror sent her dizzy " Aunt..Hide your bum" she screamed. Aunt turned in a hurry and her hands uncovered her frontal nudity - revealing her coconut- shaped boobs with dark round aerola and the jutting thumb like nipples.

Her cunt was shaven, well cushioned and popping out with the slit shown out like a cow's head. While I feasted on her neude body, sister was aquirming "Anna...Do something. I am fainting at seeing these harsh breasts and stupid pussy"

Aunt fell on me in the hurry-bury and my hand took hold of her firm boobs. My hands kneaded her firm boobs and it was rock-like, taking my hands pressure without any sag. "Anna, you are touching aunties bosoms" my sister screamed.
Now aunt, stood up, her navel, stomach and hips taking various cyrves & lines, and she fell flat on my sister. My sister's teenage body was fulled pressed under the enormous boobs of aunt. Due to aunts firmness, her bosoms did not get out of shape , even as they were firmly pressed onto my sister's pretty face.

I drove my hand onto aunt's butt and tried to lift her from my sister. I ended up brushing my hands onto the curvaceous hips, flat stomach and still my index finger was stuck into the deep navel of aunt. As I was behind aunt, my finger stuck into her belly-buttom, and my other hand firmly holding her left love handle, My person brushed into the enormous posterior of my aunt.

Her silky smooth buttocks were hard to leave away, and I pressed my post into her fleshy posterior and drove my crowbar 3 inches into aunt's bum. Sister stood and sat on the bed and got a close look of the vagina of aunt. My sister was torn between taking her eyes away from the hothole of my aunt and also enjoying the full female frontal nudity of our aunt.

Aunt was calm by now, totally revealing her bounties and stood shamelessly naked, while I hit her butt with my rod and sister was totally awed by the blue-film pose of this voluptous lady and my action behind her.
"cockroach.." sputtered aunt. "Hey are'nt afraid of cocks but coackraches" I enjoyed riding her ass. Aunt winked at my sister and said" These are for big boys". Sister was unable to watch the full nude posture of aunt and was almost fainting" Cover up with a bedsheet, aunty" she murmered.

Aunt held the shoulders of my sister and she moved her fantastic bums and twerked me, while my sister had to hold on the round boobs of aunt to support herself from the vigorous shake of my aunt's body. After five minutes of back-shot by my aunt, my sister warned"Aunt...not a way to stand nude before your son-in-law"
Aunt giggled"Your brother must have seen better nudies during his models shoot"

"Ooh.. please go to the bathroom" sister pleaded with folded hands. Aunt relented and with her superb buttocks swaying she enetered the bathroom. "step in.. I cant stand the cockroaches" she smiled at me. I entered the bathroom with her and got under the shower with her.

Aunt knealt down before me and started pleasurizing me with her red lipped mouth. I increased the shower speed to hide my moans from my sister. Aunt moved her head back and forth at jet speed and did a superb blowjob on me. I releived myself in her mouth, and washed my big-brother. I dressed up and came out to get ready for the function.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



 Priya and Preethi entered the haunted house with fear in their face. "Anna we are afraid" said Priya. Ten year old Preethi put up a bold face "We will face the spirits,Anna" she told.

"Good girl. That's the spirit" I said and guided my aunt's daughters Priya and Preethi into the remote house of our colony. It was a semi constructed house abandoned few years back.

While entering the main hall, the place was filled with the smell of jasmine. A giggle sound was heard and we spotted a teenage girl with her hair loaded with jasmine walking past in the next room. She was totally nude and her buttocks swayed sideways.

She turned to us – her body all in blue colour, with red lips & long tongue with tiger teeth jutting out of her wide mouth. Her boobs and nipples where shown out sharply and she had  raunchy stomach with a deep and broad navel. Her thighs were enormous and her shaved cunt showed between her thighs.

Priya and Preethi clutched me closely after seeing the spirit. "Its RupaMohini. You need not fear as I am near-by. We moved to the next room and saw skeletons scattered on the floor. Suddenly the room got filled with the smell of marigold and another teenage girl was walking towards us with her head crowned with marigold. She was also in her birthday suit but with green coloured body and a long plaited hair.

She swung in one full action shaking her broad buttocks, and revealing her frontal nudity. Her boobs were like pineapples with nipples shown out like big black grapes. Her hips was broad with a deep navel fitted between her stomach. Now her bald cunt was shown out amongst her marvelous thighs.

Priya and Preethi hid behind me while I faced the spirit "Priya, Its just Vanamohini. Its the spirit of another  girl. Two girls committed suicide in this houde two years back" I reasoned.

Vanamohini held out her hands towards us. "Priya and Preethi, Come before me and – kiss me. Her boobs and pointed nipples were moving up and down with her huge breath. Her naked female frontal posture was both erotic and frightful.  

"How does Vanamohini know our name?" fumed Priya. "Dont worry, Priya. You can boldly come in front of me. I have a sacred thread in my hand and spirits can never come near me" I assured both Priya and Preethi. Vanamohini was standing before us with her wicked smile.

Just then the room was filled with jasmine smell also and Rupamohini came and joined Vanamohini and both of them stood before us with a crooked smile on their faces. Both Priya and Preethi saw the twilights of their lifetame and scrambled on me. Both the ghost-girls were revealing their fantastic boobs with marvelous nipples etched onto the big boobs.

Their navels were deep enough to hold a mini-tumbler of water. The navel was embedded on their marvelous stomach and their curved hips were shown out with folding. Their thunder  thighs were very broad and their superb  cunt were shown out with no hair and the vital slit gleaming out. Their enormous buttocks could be sensed from their frontal nudity pose.

The room was surrounded with a mysterious aroma because of combination of the flowers smell. Rupamohini and Vanamohini were having a hearty laugh and their peels of shrill laughter filled the entire house. Their boobs juggled and nipples swayed along the juggling boobs as they laughed and their navels took various shapes during the scene.

"Priya & Preethi. You must hold the two nude girls by their boobs and suck their fat nipples as you would drink milk from your mother's bosom. Then both ghosts will squirm with pain, and you can suckle out their lives through their boobs. Their lives lie into their erect nipples" and guided the girls towards the naked ghosts.

Priya boldy stepped towards Rupamohini and Preethi went forward to confront Vanamohini. I stood by and watched as the events unfolded. Priya grabbed Vanamohini hips and laid her lips onto the jutting nipples of the round boobs of Vanamohini. Priya started sucking the erect nipples of Vanamohini with her little hands tightly clutching the water-melony boobs.

Vanamohini was writhing in pain and let out a blood-curling scream and twitched her entire body. Priya was emboldened now and did not worry much about the cry of Vanamohini. She continued with the milking of the pointed nipples from the jutting boobs without any hesitation. She also drove her fingers into the navel of Vanamohini , running through her open stomach and her flaunting hips.

Preethi laid her hands onto the boobs of Rupamohini , pressing her nipples of the throbbing boobs of Rupamohini. The boobs of Rupamohini were like stones and did not yield to the hand. Preethi grabbed the grapey nipples from the nipples of Rupamohini and sucked it out harshly. Meanwhile Vanamohini was gasping for breath with her mouth wide open and her tiger-teeth shown out and her red tongue jutting out of her mouth. Preethi , unmindful of the wringglings of Vanamohini continued her frantic sucking of the pointed dark nipples from the coconut like boobs of Rupamohini. She even drove her fingers between the fat thighs of Rupamohini, touching the cunt of the craving girl.

Priya was sucking the nipples of mohini vigourously and the ghost moved around , revealing her swaying buttocks but still unable to remove Preethi's red lips from her pointed nipples and enormous boobs.

Preethi was also sucking hard onto the fleshy nipples, clutching the coconut-shaped boobs of the ghost, while the female ghost performed a dance although with a painful expression. But Preethi held on to her mighty boobs and taut nipples without her rosy lips letting off a single moment the boob portion and black nipples.

 Both Rupamohini and Vanamohini laid on the floor with their nude bodies- trying to remove the mouths of the little girls from their magnificient nipples , jutting out proudly from their naughty boobs.
Rupamohini had moved away from Preethi by now and rolled out showing her superb buttocks during a roll, and her boobs, stomach, nipples, hips, thighs and cunt in the next roll.
I held Vanamohini by her hair and lifted.”Priya, tickle this area” I instructed Priya  - showing the cunt of Vanamohini. Vanamohini bent forward jutting her superb buttocks to my post. When Priya started tickling the cunt of Vanamohini, she started moving her hips front & back and her broad buttocks started hitting my post. I lowered my sports trousers and made my erection brush onto the right buttocks of Vanamohini. Priya knelt down and her hands were twiddling the cunt of Vanamohini. Now I grabbed the hair of Vanamohini and changed my train track to the jutting left buttocks of Vanamohini. I also drove between the buttocks – the sweaty split between the buttocks of Vanamohini. All this time my hands were freely exploring the frontal mounds and pits of her strong body. I massaged the jutting boos and twiddled the nipples of the evil girl.
Now I instructed Preethi to do the same with Rupamohini and Preethi followed suit. Rupamohini clutched a slab in the house and bent forward and I stood right behind the buttocks of Rupamohini. Now as Preethi did the tickling of the cunt of Rupamohini, I held my black rod onto the round buttocks of Rupamohini and enjoyed the back-shot. I rode the right buttocks of Rupamohini first and then rejoiced riding the left buttocks too. As usual. I let my post get into the damp pit between the buttocks of Rupamohini. My habds brushed past the fleshy navel. Hips and taut stomach of the green girl, and pressed the boobs and pulled down on the nipples of this scary girl.
Vanamohini had laid down in a Playboy pose totally revealing her succulent boobs, erect nipples, and all the beauty – stomach, hips, navel, thighs, cunt and buttocks below her wonderful boobs.

Both Rupamohini and Vanamohini rolled on the floor screaming with unexplained pain over their bodies. Their boobs and nipples juggled during their roll. Their round buttocks performed a beautiful dance along with their flat stomach and superb hips. Their navels were gathering dust spread over the floor.

Rupamohini was howling “AAh …Ooh” totally striking a Saroja-devi magazine pose. I feasted on the superb navel, boobs, stomach, nipples, hips, thighs, cunt and buttocks of the naked girl.

Vanamohini was shouting "Yeee...Yaaa" totally revealing her navel ,boobs, stomach nipples, hips, thighs, cunt and swaying her buttocks in agony. I had a full view of her nude flesh show in the melee.

I pulled out the small girls from the ghosts , touching the navel, boobs, stomach, nipples, hips, thighs, cunt and buttocks of the ghosts in the process. I took the two girls to my home. Mother was scolding – and Priya muttered “We were in the ghost house” . Mother was angry.

“Now where are your college-mates Latha and Sutha?” Just then Latha & Sutha rushed in “Mother…Settai took us to the haunted house. Mother continued chiding me.

Latha and Sutha tossed a wicked smile on me. Latha had smears of blue dye on her hips and Sutha had few marks of green dye in her hands. Any guess on who Vanamohini and Rupamohini were?


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ranjitha ,Sindhuja,and her daughters Priya and Preethi and I had the dinner at the cosy Puthookadan resort. Ranjitha and Sindhuja had their sarees well below their navel and occassionally revealed their marvellous navel and hips in full view during dinner.

After dinner we retired to the room and watched TV. Ranjitha and Sindhuja sat on both sides of me gently pressing their  boobs on my body. While switching channels my hand brushed across the boobs of Ranjitha and Sindhuja. 

Ranjitha said – “Priya and Preethi . Go to bed. Its time for sleep”. Sindhuja also said “Yes go to sleep Priya and Preethi."

“What are you and uncle going to do” – asked Priya.
“we are going to dance for uncle”-Sindhuja said.
‘we also want to watch the dance” – excitedly said Priya.

“This is special dance for big boys like uncle. Go to sleep’ – said Sindhuja. Priya and Preethi did not relent and both Ranjitha and Sindhuja bent down and pleaded with their daughters, revealing their boobs during bending. I had a full view of their boobs during their pleading sermon with Priya and Preethi.

“Oh shit” Ranjitha got upset and switched on the CD. “Be careful not to dance too fast” I cautioned”. “We will take care” said Sindhuja and they stood before us for the music to start.
Now Priya and Preethi sat beside me and Ranjitha and Sindhuja got ready for the dance.

‘Raadhai manadhil… Raadhai manadhil enna rahasiyamo ” – the song from Snehidiye started to flow and Ranjitha and Sindhuja started to dance gently.

While lifting their hands up and dancing both Sindhuja and Ranjitha revealed their fleshy navel and curved hips. The music started to flow in full rhythm and both Ranjitha and Sindhuja got engrossed in the song and started dancing in fast motion.  Ranjitha had her navel shown  like a cockroach moving on her stomach. The fleshy navel of Sindhuja was revealed like a snail moving on her flat tummy.

After the dance I guided Priya and Preethi to sleep and I took Ranjitha and Sindhuja to the first floor where there was a king size bed. Ranjitha smilingly said “Let the real dance start “ and pulled off her saree. Her low cut blouse revealed her amle boobs and her superb navel , hips and stomach showed out. Sindhuja also removed the saree off her curvaceous body to reveal her hot boobs, navel thunderous hips and stomach.

“Cholie ke peeche” started  the music and Ranjitha and Sindhuja started gyrating. Fortunately there was no censor and Ranjitha and Sindhuja revealed more stuff than Madhuri Dixit and Neena Gupta. They bent forward and showed their boobs. During the music beat Ranjitha and Sindhuja performed belly dance like movements and I watched their hips and stomach sway with their boobs taking up and down movements, and their navel showing off different shapes.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja lifted their petticoats well above their knees to reveal more of their thighs and teased me. They turned back and did a jiggling of their buttocks and hips. My excitement knew no bounds.

After the dance Ranjitha pulled out her blouse and petticoat, and Sindhuja also followed suit and pulled off her large clothing. Now Ranjitha stood in a skimpy dress revealing her cleavage of boobs, hot navel , hips and stomach. Her thunder thighs was breathtaking and her round buttocks showed off from behind the tall and broad mirror. 
Sindhuja was like Mumtaz and she smiled revealing her bounties - her boobs ‘s cleavage, shapely hips, stomach, thighs and deep navel. Her buttocks was fantastic.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja started to dance after switching on a Oomai vizigal song -
Raathiri Nerathu poojayil,......

During my childhood, I used to watch this song and wonder why the women were wearing so lesser dress, and now I understood. Ranjitha moved her boobs up and down and teasingly smiled at me. Sindhuja turned back and showed off her superb buttocks and well shaped legs and hips.
After the dance, Ranjitha smiled and said “ Want some real stuff “ and pulled off her bra. The wonderful boobs of Ranjitha came out bouncing like a pair of balls and her dark nipples were shown out. Ranjitha stood topless. Sindhuja also removed her brazzier and showed off her hot boobs and pointed nipples. I enjoyed the panties show of Ranjitha and Sindhuja. Ranjitha and Sindhuja stood with their wicked smiles on their faces and their back view of buttocks was clearly seen from the mirror.

“Pull down your panties” I said to Ranjitha. Ranjitha laughed heartily “ Settai, you will not be satisfied at all” and stripped off her black panties revealing her bounty.  Ranjitha threw off her panties and said “Here .. this is what you want”. “Sindhuja, its your turn. Show off your kitty” I said. Sindhuja had her smile grow larger and started pulling down her pants and showed her marvellous hot spot. As Ranjitha and Sindhuja have shaved off their bounties' hairs in the morning, I had a full view of their slits.

I feasted on the bodies of Ranjitha and Sindhuja watching their fleshy navel, enormous boobs and buttocks, fantastic stomach and navels and their curvaceous hips and thighs. Ranjitha and Sindhuja stood there – smiling , with their hands on their hips and striking PlayBoy poses in front of me. I lapped up the nudityof Ranjitha and Sindhuja.

“Now dance, you bitches” I said. Ranjitha walked off to the CD layer and switched on - swaying her buttocks and returned swaying her hips and boobs. The music started “ SriLanka Chinnarani” of Jayamalini from Imaigal movie. Ranjitha and Sindhuja started the rude and nude dance and I was totally excited to see the dance. I have seen Imaigal five times for this Jeyamalini dance , but  Ranjitha and Sindhuja was more fantastic than the vamp and entertained me with their naked dance. The boobs and nipples of Ranjitha and Sindhuja moved up and down or sideways based on the dance movements of Ranjitha and Sindhuja.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja suddenly turned back and for the music portion of the song they juggled their wonderful buttocks in sync with the music. “O My God” I murmered. Ranjitha and Sindhuja turned back and giggled at my expression, but continued flaunting their hips, stomach, thighs,buttocks, navel,boobs and nipples and danced thoroughly.

In the next move, Ranjitha stood straight and Sindhuja turned back, While Ranjitha swayed her hips and juggled her boobs and nipples and made her navel take various shapes  ….. Sindhuja swung her buttocks left – right and I had no other go than wide-opening my mouth before Ranjitha.

Now Sindhuja turned and revealed her frontal nudity and swayed her thunder thighs and flaunt stomach and shook her boobs along with the pointed nipples. Ranjitha turned back and showed off her buttocks and hips and suddenly started the jiggling movement. My eyes and mouth opened wide and Sindhuja laughed off heartily.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja performed the dirty dance shamelessly. Ranjitha - kneeling her legs made a fantastic position – all continuing her body dance while Sindhuja bent backwards and her navel drew longer and her nipples shown sharply out of her water-melony boobs.

When the music stopped Ranjitha and Sindhuja stopped – panting like overworked horses and we had a good laugh “ Stupid bitches “ I scorned and Ranjitha and Sindhuja. “Yes we are sluts “ – Ranjitha proclaimed . “ We are bitches in bedroom” – Sindhuja sputtered.  I reached for their marvellous bodies and ran my rough hands over their smooth silken bodies. Ranjitha and Sindhuja perfectly co-operated – never staying away from me for a moment. I pressed my person into the posterior of Sindhuja and reached out to the boobs of Ranjitha. My hands were not enough to hold the balloony boobs of both girls, but my quick and rough movements of my hands I covered up  the boobs of Ranjitha and Sindhuja.

I pulled the hair of Sindhuja and made her stand up-front and I turned back Ranjitha. Ranjitha knew what was in store for her and showed off her superb buttocks for my post to press into it. I undertook the backshot job on the buttocks of Ranjitha and reached out to the hips  and stomach of Sindhuja and digged my rough fingers deep into her navel and used my thumb to twirl the navel of Ranjitha. Faced with action onto her navel and stomach , Ranjitha tugged up and moved her buttocks front and back and hit me hard on my post. Holding on to the long flowing hair of Ranjitha I guided my thumb into her navel and made her buttocks dance according to my will.  Both women were giggling too much and it roved to be a costly mistake.

Suddenly the room door opened and Priya and Preethi  were there rubbing their eyes in semi-sleep. "Whats the giggling all about" asked Priya. "Are you not sleeping, uncle" asked Preethi. I had pushed their clothes deep inside the king-size bed and they stood helpless. 

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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Now Sindhuja invited me to the bath tub. I moved over and Priya jumped with joy “Come on uncle”. I slid beneath Sindhuja and drove my thing right onto her fleshy buttocks. She positioned herself and I accessed her water melon like boobs in the front of her superb body. Sindhuja was very co-operative and I slid my hands into the plunging neckline of her dark blue swimwear and caressed her boobs and nipples. 

Moaning, Sindhuja drew hard on my thambi with her silky and smooth buttocks. I had fun with Sindhuja while Priya watched us with awe. “Are you playing some sort of water-sport , uncle “ giggled Priya. “Yes .. this is a water-sport played by big boys” said Sindhuja and gyrated her hips such a way that her jutting buttocks laid straight on my rod. Sindhuja rode her butts heavily on my post, but it was totally prepared to take the shock.

Ranjitha and Preethi were bathing on the rain shower and the sight of her thighs and boobs gave a shock into my spine.  Sindhuja was fully concentrating on the back-shot and Ranjitha winked at me” Settai, seems you are having fun in the water. Why don’t you join me “ and turned around showing her buttocks. I stepped out of the tub and went straight to Ranjitha and embraced her from back, pressing my post into her spongy buttocks and went 3 inches deep. 

Ranjitha made a superb butt-dance and Preethi was watching from the tub confused “why is Ranjitha aunty hitting uncle” Sindhuja smiled “Preethi dear, you won’t understand” and stepped out of the water tub. Priya was also watching her mother gyrating her hips and I was about to explode. 

I withdrew from the spongy buttocks of Ranjitha and pulled Sindhuja towards me. Preethi also stepped out of the tub. “Now Ranjitha and Sindhuja, start doing push-ups” I commanded. Ranjitha and Sindhuja smiled wickedly and were on their fours doing push-ups. I sat on a small stool and watched the boobs of Ranjitha and Sindhuja show out from the low-cut neck of the bikini dresses.  Their thunder thighs were shown out and not to miss on the buttocks of these gorgeous women.

Priya and Preethi also sat beside me and watched their mothers doing the push-ups. Watching the dangling boobs of their mothers , they sat with their mouth open. Priya asked “Uncle, why mother and aunty are doing exercise in bathroom” I replied” So that their body can become stronger” not removing my eyes from their marvelous bosom and occasional show of dark nipples.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja stood up and their bodies were sweating with their boobs going up down because of the push-ups. “Priya, get to the room and dry-up yourself” Ranjitha said and drove her daughter out. “Preethi, you also dry up yourself at room. I will follow” said Sindhuja. As Priya and Preethi stepped out, Ranjitha and Sindhuja gave a broad smile and started removing their bikinis. “This is an adults-only show” smiled Ranjitha and pulled out the tight swimsuit. Her gorgeous boobs , dark nipples and wonderful stomach and hips were shown out. A cup of water oozed out from her deep navel and she pulled down her dress out her black bush showed out. Ranjitha was standing naked before me. 

Sindhuja was also not left behind. She quickly pulled down her suit and revealed her wonderful nipples, marvelous hips, fantastic stomach and the  beautiful thighs. Her dark bush was shown out between her thighs. I watched with awe the nude pose of these two wonderful ladies. “This was not part of our tour plan. …. Since we were bringing Priya and Preethi” I said.

“No” said Ranjitha “let kids have fun and adults also have fun accordingly” and drew a full shaving set. “My hubby presented this. I am opening only now. My mother did not allow me to shave legs as it means surrendering to a man’s fantasy.” Why should a mother watch the snatch of her daughter I thought. Too much of insertion by a mother and that’s why her hubby went for divorce. Self-respect is greater than beauty…Salutions to her hubby” I thought.

Ranjitha swung into action – applied the foam onto the black bush of Sindhuja and started foaming it. Sindhuja stood smiling showing her snatch to be shaved off. Ranjitha laughed” No weeds must be grown in a playground” and Sindhuja also laughed heartily ”Only then a man can play well onto the tennis court”. “Thank God I am a man…..I need not shave below my neck” I said.

Ranjitha and Sindhuja laughed till their boobs juggled. Now Sindhuja had her legs clean – without her hairs and her slit was shown clearly. Sindhuja kneeled down and reached the loins of Ranjitha. Ranjitha smilingly showed off her  hotspot and Sindhuja had a field day removing the hair. The dark curled hairs of Sindhuja and Ranjitha were lying on the ground. I watched the nude girls in action.

“Hey Sindhuja, it seems you are kneeling down and doing something to the loin of Ranjitha” I teased. Sindhuja laughed “ We are not lesbians. I should do that to a man”. “Have you not done before” I asked “No. My mother has strictly asked me not to kneel in front of my husband” replied Sindhuja. Somewhere, the hubby of Sindhuja must be smiling – with his uncle’s daughter kneeling before him and pleasuring him.

Now Sindhuja and Ranjitha had shaved off the hair fully from their loins and they stood like two  Italian statues before me- smiling and giggling. I had sat on the samll stool (how thoughtful of the Puthukoodan resort planners) and watching the full nude show of my colleagues. Never had I thought - while waiting to receive my salary slip from Ranjitha or my travel expenses from Sindhuja that - I will be watching these two fabulous women in their birthday suits. 

In fact, I have not even touched their hands and have very slowly learnt of their troubled married lives .. or troubling parents to be more correct. Now, when Puja holidays came Rangitha sighed and casually told that she and her daughter Priya had nothing to do this week-end and I offered them to take to a resort in Kuravancheri. I have sent off my wife to her native place Maangulam along with the kids and I also was free during the week-end. And lo! this beautiful lady is standing - baring all her assets to my view.

When Ranjitha told this to her colleague Sindhuja during lunch, she also pleaded with me to take her and her lonely daughter Preethi to Kerala. My bill has increased beacuse of these add-ons and so also my heartbeat on seeing such a perfectly shaped woman standing naked without any inhibition. I can say my holidays have been spent in fun and frolic when two women strip and stand before - striking a Play Boy magazine pose.

Suddenly the door opened and Priya and Preethi stepped in. Both the women were shocked as their bikinis were totally stripped and thrown off in the heat of passion. "Uncle..look at our new suits" said Preethi and Priya and looked at their mothers.

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