Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I took two girlfriends Sudha & Latha - both gorgeous twin sisters at their early twenties  to a movie, and then we ate at Hottetarang hotel. Sudha & Latha gobbled up sweets like anything in hotel.

We reached home night and were about to retire to bed. Sudha squealed "My stomach's hurting" and so did Latha. I took a coconut oil pack and asked them to pull down their sarees below their navels.

Hesitatingly, but smilingly the two girls pulled down their sarees and revealed their fleshy navels. I smeared the oil into their navels and played with their strong but fleshy stomachs.

I asked them to keep their navels exposed so that oil does'nt stick to their sarees. They stood, smiling and totally revealing their curvaceous hips, staunch stomachs and the deep navels. Suddenly, the room door opened and my elder sister stepped in.

She frowned to see both girls showing off their navels and chided me " Are you not sleeping?". Latha and Sudha crossed their hands over their navels, hiding them.

"We are having stomach upset. Settai just applied coconut oil to cool our stomach" - said Sudha.
"You both gobble up so much sweets and trouble my brother. And you are shamelessly exposing your navels to him and posing like Tamannah & Anushka. How will he get a good sleep" - my Akka chided.

"Sorry Akka. We ate too much jalebis" - Latha stuttered. I was little upset that Akka found us red-handed and was about to get out of the room.

Akka pushed my shoulder and made me sit on the sofa. " You girls will spoil the sarees. The oil will get smeared on the saree. Remove the sarees and safeguard them till the oil dries up". Both the girls removed their sarees with heads hung down but still smiling.

Latha and Sudha fully exposed their curvaceous hips and superb navels. Their blouses were cut-low and gave ample view of their cleavages and boobs. Akka took the oil bottle and handed over to me. "Thambi. Smear oil well below their navels. That will cool their stomach."

Saying so, Akka gently pulled down Latha's petticoat to exposing Latha's panties. Latha was ashamed but smilingly, she hid her thunder thighs with her hands - but her thighs were too stout for her slim hands. Sudha also obediently allowed Akka to pull down her petticoat and showed of her terrible legs fully. I watched in awe and started massaging the two girls stomach with oil.

My left hand sensed Latha's stomach, hips and navel - while my right hand pressed on Sudha's marvellous tummy and deep belly button and her fantastic curves.

Akka removed Latha's blouse and made her stand in two piece " There you are- like a James Bond heroine" and moved on to expose Sudha's booty as well. "Ah.. you look like Zeenat Aman who strip to her two pieces in Booby. This will teach you to control your tongues" Akka smiled.

I massaged the stomachs of both the girls, touching their marvellous thighs and also pressing their hooters at will. Latha and Sudha stood smilingly and gave full support for my hands to explore their well-built bodies.

After the oil completely dried up, they stood in their brazziers and panties, showing off their fleshy navels, hot balloons and terrible thighs. I was moving my hand near their boobs and Akka stepped in "Pull off your bras....The costly things may smeared by oil" Latha and Sudha pulled off their brazziers assisted by my Akka, who freely pressed her hands against the round and well-built boobs of the two girls. They stood exposing their pointed nipples and round breasts. Now I was able to press against the water-melons of both girls without any hindrance. Slowly I massaged their nipples during my caressing of their staunch stomach and navels.

Now Akka commanded "Pull down your jatties....Your lingerie will get spoiled as Settai may have to go below your navel and caress your stomachs well". Now both girls understood what was in store for them and pulled down their panties smilingly. Their hot spots were shown off like a playground "Oh these stupid girls ...shaving off their birth regions" Akka sighed.

Now Latha and Sudha stood giggling showing off their frontal nudity. Hitting hard on their bums I caressed their navels with oil.Akka started teasing them "You are not controlling your tongue and see what are posing naked before your friend, my thambi and also before a matured woman - revealing your bounties shamelessly. Take care of your stomach girls, or you will have to stand nude before us again - revealing your hot stuff". They stood - smiling, naked and flaunting their well built boobs, erect nipples, curvaceous hips, fleshy navel, taut stomach, thunder thighs, fantastic buttocks and superb snatch.My eyes feasted on their birthday-suit bodies for 10 minutes. Akka was also impressed by their naked show - but did not show out explicitly like me; she showed frown on her face - but was still looking at the nude girls from head to toe - fixing her eyes on their pussies very often.

Latha and Sudha - though both were ashamed - did not intrude into our gazing their nude bodies and perfectly stood there with their hands onto their hips and striking a Sarojadevi magazine pose. "Uh... these girls look like 11 am movies' show-girls. Atleast the nude girls of Malayalam movies hide their matter and nipples in the forenoon show posters. Here its uninhibited show of private parts by these shameless girls posing completely cloth-less" Akka fumed but still watching the bounties of my girlfriends casually. After few minutes,.Akka offered to nighties to them and asked them to go to sleep in the next room. I went to my room with a big sigh!!!!

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